It was a spicy CrossFit WOD on Dunbar Street this rainy Vancouver day.

Cleans, thrusters and bar-over burpees.  Ouch!

5:30am The three amigos Yeti, Dr. T & Sandman.  Dr. T & Sandman RX’d this one with Sandman posting the best men’s time.
6:30am Newcomers Auto, Dauntless & Mongoose joined veterans Shades & Motor

12:00pm HHH, Hardrock, Brick & Thunder at noon.  Thunder, Brick & Hard Rock RX’d it
5:00pm Mr. Fantastic & Fast Trak were the only two at 5pm so they not only RX’d the WOD, they did it with actual bar-facing burpees and still posted great times!
6:00pm Open gym Suave, Bat Girl & Bruiser did the posted WOD while Captain practiced the snatch.  Not only did Bruiser RX it, she destroyed the WOD with a sub 12-minute finish!

8:00pm Shine, Springs, Haiku & newcomer Prime hit the WOD while flood waters came in through our ceiling and windows.
Great work everyone who took on this beast!