Saturday 3-4:30pm is our Team WOD and you are invited!

Yes, the format is geared toward our competitors but you DO NOT need to be a competitor in order to enjoy this team-based WOD.

The team shares the work and there is no score or time so you will not slow down your team.  In fact, the weaker you are, the more your stronger team mates will have to work, the fitter they will get.  That is the whole point!

There will be skill practice but higher level skills like muscle ups will not be part of the WOD.  Neither will heavy weightlifting movements.  This programming deviates from the CrossFit HQ programming and looks a lot more like our popular moving day & Junkyard Dog WODs.
Come dressed prepared for Vancouver autumn weather.  We will be practicing skills inside the gym but will be out and about Dunbar Street for the WOD.

It’s silly how much fun it is to suffer together.  Come out and join us!