“You have to be willing to go to war with yourself and create a whole new identity.” –David Goggins

Thought of the day

Back in the day I was not committed to my fitness like I am now. I used to only do things when it was convenient and I was motivated but that has all changed. Today for example after a weekend of cake and birthday shenanigans, for my son, I was up at six am getting the burpee run workout in and at noon I was on the jiu jitsu mats. There were a million and one excuses in my head but it needed to get done.  How do you keep doing the things that are good for you even when motivation is low?

Back When I started at Empower I lived in Surrey and worked two and at sometimes three other jobs. That meant a forty five minute drive to and from Vancouver multiple times a day. On top of this I also had my three year old daughter with me, while her mom was at work or doing collage courses. It was hard but it really showed what is possible if you want something bad enough.  You do not need to be as crazy as me but keep on track to the things that really matter. The easy choice is always there but the satisfying choice is usually the more challenging one. This is the one that will help you grow and move towards a better you.

Run and Burpees

On Tuesday you have the run and burpee workout on the menu. The run will be the same all the way through out but every time you complete a round you will get to add two burpees. You will continue on the two minutes until you cannot complete all the work within your window. Just like an EMOM you get to rest with any remaining time after completion of the reps.

On paper not my favourite workout but it was very effective and straight forward. Two things I like in a workout. Sometimes people try to get to fancy. But it’s important to do the bread and butter things that work as well. If you are on the waitlist please show up. There will be space for you.  We are excited to welcome you in for another effective couplet.

How do do Burpees

Do these at home not at the gym :


Warm up

2 rnds

Hip swings

Med ball get ups


Sprawl balls








200m run

5 burpees ( add 2 burpees each rnd)

Cool down

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