CrossFit’s Code for Fitness:  Constantly Varied, Functional Movements performed at High Intensity.

That is the recipe by which our program delivers elite level fitness.

But I would argue that there is more to the recipe than these three ingredients.  I would add Community.

In fact, I believe that Community is the glue, holding it all together.
It is the motivation that keeps us coming back for another effective dose of constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements.

The friendships that we build through CrossFit are rewarding and enduring.
We selected our Dunbar Street location intentionally because we guessed correctly that this end of Vancouver was blessed with a very warm, inviting community.  The type of community that we wanted to be a part of.

I am so grateful for the excellent community of people that I get to work with every day!

Thanks for everything you do to contribute to our community!