It was a rough week of training.  I know, I’ve heard the moaning and groaning.  Good news is we have a great rest day WOD for you.  We could have named it Body Armour because it is going to help you develop the reflexive strength and core and joint integrity required to become a bullet proof athlete.  We could have named it Ground Work because it creates the foundation of physical strength and neurological coordination required for safely performing higher level movements.  But we called it CCC: Core, Crawl, Carry because that’s what it is all about.  30 minutes long, it is not done for speed or reps or load but for endurance.  Try to not stop moving.  Every time you need to take a break you get one point and in this game fewest points win.  HeeHee and I both scored 0 going all 30 minutes unbroken and it felt doable.  I was surprised later that afternoon and the next day how exhausted my core felt!  The video covers all the warm up and workout movements please watch it!

Heaviest available implement that you can safely carry

Warm Up
1 min Hands & Knees Rock
1 min Scap Rotations
1 min Scap Retractions
1 min Hamstring Rock Left
1 min Hamstring Rock Right
1 min Baby Crawl

6 Rounds:
2 mins Loaded Carry (use the carry style appropriate to your implement, use a more challenging carry for lighter implements)
2 mins Leopard Crawl (if you need a break, revert to baby crawl but do not stop moving)
1 min Dead Bug (round #1), 1 min Bird Dog (round #2), 1 min Windshield Wiper (round #3), 1 min Gait Bug (round #4), 1 min Speed Skater (round #5), 1 min Windshield Wiper (round #6)

Each 5 minute round begins with 2 minutes of loaded carries followed by 2 minutes of leopard crawl and then ends with 1 minute of a different core exercise each round.

Score = number of rests taken during workout (fewer is better) perfect score = 0

Cool Down
1 min Hamstring Rock Left
1 min Hamstring Rock Right
1 min Scap Rock
1 min Upper body Rolls
1 min Lower Body Rolls