Loved this one!  I thought by now all you homebound exercisers needed a change of scenery so I shot this one with beautiful Cecil Green as my back drop, enjoy!

Eight rounds of one minute work, 1 minute rest.  In one minute complete 8 ground to overhead then as many stand ups as you can, rest the following minute.  Your score is the total stand up reps accumulated over 8 rounds.

For the ground to overhead any technique is acceptable as long as the load starts each rep in contact with the ground and finishes locked out overhead.  You can snatch, clean and jerk, squat clean-thruster, power clean and press, deadlift and kettlebell swing or anything else you can think of.  Use a barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells, medball, backpack, rock, jug or small child.  If you are using a one-handed implement like a single dumbbell or kettlebell, do four reps per side in any order.  You can alternate hands or do four left and four right or any other order you like.  Pick a challenging weight that you can complete 8 reps unbroken, this movement is supposed to spike your heart rate but not slow you down.

Stand ups count when you start both shoulder blades on the ground and finish standing up straight with feet side-by-side.  There’s 6 levels of difficulty which all count:

Level 1: Basic.  Get up anyway you can.
Level 2: Beginner.  Get up without using your hands.
Level 3: Intermediate. Don’t use your hands, keep your feet side-by-side from start to finish but use a roll to create momentum to help you up.
Level 4: Advanced (aka the Mayweather).  Feet together, no hands, no roll.
Level 5: Ninja.  Kip up.
Level 6: Ninja Master.  Kip up, no hands*.

If your movements meet all the above criteria, then you have completed RX’d.  Record your reps as your score and in the notes record the load/implement and technique used for ground to overhead as well as the stand up level you used.

* Yes, I used to be able to do no-hand kip ups 20 years ago.  Not well enough to complete a WOD using them but well enough to show off.  Thought I’d impress you with my ninja master skills but discovered (as you will too, if you watch the outtakes at the end of the demo video) that I’m a ninja master has-been.  Enjoy a good laugh at this washed up ninja’s expense!   No ninjas were harmed during the making of the demo video but a certain former-ninja might have returned home with some bumps and bruises.

Please review this WOD’s complete instructional video before attending the ZWOD in order to familiarize yourself with the workout and the various movement options.

Equipment Required
Light load for warm up, medium-heavy load for WOD.  Your choice of barbell, kettlebell(s), dumbbell(s), jug(s), backpack, rock, sandbag…

Warm Up/Tech
Part 1: Ground to Overhead (warm up weight)
8 Deadlift + KB Swing
8 Power Clean + Press
8 Squat Clean + Thruster
8 Snatch

Part 2: Stand Ups (be cautious of available space)
4 Basic Stand Up
4 Beginner Stand Up (no hands)
4 Intermediate Stand Up (Roll)
4 Advanced Stand Up (no hands, no roll)

8 Rounds
In 1 minute:
8 Ground to Overheads
Max reps stand ups
1 min Rest

Score = total stand ups completed across 8 rounds

Cool Down
Roll shoulders forward/backward
Arm raises
Samson Lunge
Pigeon pose
Downward Dog calf stretch