Saturday December 14th at CrossFit Empower

Come celebrate with us!  Our most popular community event is suitable for all levels, all members and all traditions.  You don’t need to celebrate Christmas to enjoy this event.

How to Participate:
1. Sign up on the sign up sheet in the gym.  Put your partner’s name beside yours or leave a blank spot so someone can join up as your partner.
2. Follow our Instagram to see the workout movements revealed.  Familiarize yourself with the workout movements.
3. Bring something tasty to share for our potluck table (no BBQ for this one. sorry Smash)
4. Arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled heat to warm up.
5.  After your workout, grab some food and stick around for our very special 10th annual award ceremony.

The programmed movements for this WOD are unique every year.  This year we will be announcing them one each day advent-calendar style on our Instagram account starting this Sunday December 1st.

The movements are always different but the format remains the same.  We will be working in pairs.  Rounds will follow the pattern of the 12-Days of Christmas song: on the first round of Christmas you’ll do 1 rep of x, on the second round of Christmas you’ll do 2 reps of y and one rep of x, on the third round of Christmas you’ll do three reps of z, two reps of y and one rep of x.  Rounds will follow this pattern getting longer each round always starting with the larger reps and working back down to one rep with the twelfth and final round the longest.  You can watch the video below to get an idea and to enjoy memories of our beloved Still Waters:

Award Ceremony
Our 10th annual 12 Days of X-mas event will end with a very special award ceremony following the final heat.  We request that you stay for this ceremony if possible in order to honour and celebrate award recipients.

We will be recognizing the winning Intramural team from the 2019 CrossFit Open as well as the Spirit of the Open winners for both the 2019 and 2020 season.

We will also be doing some very special presentations to members to recognize community contributions.

We hope that you will stay to receive these and to celebrate the very special individuals who have made such a contribution to Empower!

Saturday December 14th, save the date!