This Saturday, you will get to take on the CrossFit Games Event 10, which is a couplet of high-volume toes-to-bars and running.

This workout is heavy on the lungs, core and legs, and therefore you need to do a thorough abs and legs warm up.

This is one of the longer workouts and scaling down the number of reps and running distance could be the right choice. We aim to keep each of the running times about or under 10 minutes.

A great substitute for toes-to-bars is hanging knee raises. Two more substitutes are demonstrated in the following videos.


See you all on the zoom, in group classes or in the open gyms.

Big Cat


Warm Up

Three minutes of plank holds (L-M-R)

Then 2 rounds, 1 min each:

-Hip Swings
-Shoulder pass throughs
-Full body rocks
-Hollow to superman roll





For time:

30 toes-to-bars
1.5-mile run
30 toes-to-bars
1.5-mile run
30 toes-to-bars


Cool Down

-Calf drops
-Cobra Pose
-Downward Dog
-Child Pose