This is your chance to test your stamina and mental grit. Event 15 is no cakewalk with 90 chest-to-bar pull-ups followed by heavy weighted walking lunges — first on the back rack, then front rack, and finally overhead. So to make this fun, we will do this workout in teams of two (one partner works at a time). And for everyone’s safety, we will use double dumbbells for the back and front rack lunges and a weight plate for the overhead lunges.


3-minute easy row, air bike, or ski erg

1 minute each of:

Samson lunges

Goblet squats

Beat swings

Scap pull-ups


The Lunge is a functional exercise that can help with your day-to-day movement and different types of training. It targets the glutes, quads, and hamstrings and engages other muscles as well. Overhead weight carrying recruits the different core muscles in order to stabilize the spine, as well as shoulder stabilizing muscles. The third video will show the correct way to perform the overhead lunge with a detailed anatomical analysis and common problems during the exercise.


For time:

600-m row

90 chest-to-bar pull-ups

36-ft walking lunge, weight back-racked

36-ft walking lunge, weight front-racked

36-ft walking lunge, weight overhead

Rx: 135#/185#

Back rack walking lunges

Front rack walking lunges

Overhead walking lunges


30-seconds each of:

shoulder rotations (forward/back)

shoulder opening stretch on the post (left/right)

dragon pose

hamstring string stretch

pigeon pose

downward dog