“The rising tide raises all boats.”

Big Boss has discovered, purchased and settled into paradise.  And because he is a generous guy, that means by extension that we all have come into a little piece of paradise.

Sunghee was inspired by his new home to imagine a CrossFit Total Health Retreat.  Of course, what she has in mind is a 21-Day all-inclusive training & nutrition package in exotic locales but we would like to test the concept first.

Big Boss & Natasha inspired by her idea had much to add including the invitation to host the first one on their property in Spring 2016.

Mark it on your calendar, the 2016 Victoria Day weekend Friday May 20th to Monday May 23rd will be our first Empower Total Health Retreat.

We are sure that in the coming months we will hear many fantastic suggestions that we can add to the weekend but so far this is what we have planned:

1) Daily CrossFit WODs preceded by a thorough warm up including a walk in the countryside and followed by a complete, relaxing Yoga cool down.

2) In-kitchen training for how to cook nutritious and tasty meals followed by a recipe booklet including all recipes used during the weekend.

3) Evening meditative Yoga before bed.

4) Functional strength training (basically working on the grounds with sledge hammers, wheel barrows and other fun training tools).

5) Free time activities including kayaking, swimming, walking, biking, horse back riding, sitting around the bonfire, etc.

Think about it, a holiday totally dedicated to your health!  And the kids will love exploring and playing on the land and gardens.

Space will be limited.