On Tuesday you get to take on a benchmark workout: The CrossFit Total. This is definitely a gym favourite with you Doing a one rep Back squat, Shoulder press, and Deadlift. Your score will equal the total of the heaviest of each lift. Bring a coffee, and come prepared with your numbers for each lift. It will be a great lifting day and will go by faster than you want it to.

You will get three working attempts on each lift and the goal is to go heavy while making each attempt.  I came into this one a little conservative but was happy to hit as close as I did to my best total. Whether it will be a personal best type of day or just an opportunity to lift heavy, let’s make the most out of it. We look forward to seeing you on zoom, in the open gyms and in the group classes.

Thought of the day

What is your win on the CrossFit total tomorrow? A win can be hitting a best on any of the three lifts, getting a higher total, making eighty percent feel light, or even leaving the gym with a new technical max.  Because I have been training for so long the wins are no longer limited to personal bests but can look different. An example of this is the second time I was able to shoulder pressed one hundred and fifty five pounds. The first time was ugly and a true max but the second time it was smooth and felt easy. Being able to make an old max look easy may be just what the doctor ordered.

Sometimes in your training it is wise to play the long game and use the back step on the day to help you win the war.  On my CrossFit total I did not hit a record on anything but was able to move heavier weights than I have in a while and I have a lot more in the tank for next time.  What game is right for you tomorrow?



H:00 Back squat


H:25 Shoulder Press


H:40 Deadlift


Score = Sum of heaviest Lifts

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