On Sunday it will be time for the CrossFit total. The total will be three one rep maxes:  back squat, shoulder press, and deadlift. For those on the wait list you will start with the deadlift and work backwards. And for family members we can share stations.

The total is always a great day as we have four opportunities to hit personal bests. For years my goal has been to hit a thousand pounds on the total. I am very happy to announce that this was the first time for me reaching that goal and along the way I hit personal bests on each lift!

For me this is the first time ever hitting four best in the total and I have to say thank you to BFG and Smash for staying after class to spot me on the back squat. We will focus on moving well so the best will come. Do you know your goal weights and are you as excited as I am for the total to be back?


CrossFit Total

Back Squat


Shoulder Press