Today’s classes took a stroll down memory lane as we recalled our first ever crush.  For me it was Janie in Kindergarten.  She had the cutest, freckled cheeks and every free play time I would chase her until I caught her and then try to kiss every one of those adorable freckles as she squirmed and tried to break free from my amorous embrace until our teacher came to pry me away from her (it sounds less creepy if you consider I was only 4 or 5 years old at the time).

While we reflected on our childhood loves, we had less love for Crossfit benchmark workout Helen.  Great attendance to both classes and creative modifications for the runs and pull ups were in evidence as our members demonstrated their developing expertise at improvising home WODs.  And we finished with some juicy tales of young love.  Sorry, my lips are sealed, only those who attended will know about other members’ sultry childhood love affairs.

Tomorrow’s workout requires no equipment and little space and can be done pretty much anywhere.  Enjoy!

Warm up 
20 bear crawl steps
10 inch worm (no push up)
10/10 side ways bear crawl steps
20 frog jumps
10 inch worm (no push up)
20 kangaroo jumps
Review movement standards
Get clear on previous times
3 rnds
50 m lunge AFSAP
1 burpee per step
Cool down 
Hip swings
Trunk rotations
Dragon pose
Pigeon pose
Child’s pose

Getting out into sunshine and green space may have made yesterday’s Helen surprisingly enjoyable but the same trick did not work for today’s burpees.  Without any measuring implements, I decided to use the field at Queen Elizabeth track.  It is 100m from goal post to goal post and the centre line is marked giving me a perfect measure for the lunges.  Over three rounds I was able to reduce my lunges by exactly one step per round and 2 less in the final round which meant 104 burpees (35-35-34) instead of 108 like last time.  And I cut 50 seconds off my time though I certainly didn’t feel like I was moving very fast at all.  I was pleased to score my first isolation-WOD personal best but  I don’t care how beautiful your surroundings are, 100+ burpees is not a good time.

If you can’t get outside, look up your score from last time and do the same number of reps but try to be faster.  Didn’t do this one when it was programmed earlier this year?  No problem.  Take the minimum number of reps required to lunge the length of the green carpet (I can stretch to 6 lunges per length if I reach) and multiply by 6 lengths (for me it would be 6×6=36, pretty close to my actual 50m lunge AFSAP).

No equipment required and lunges and burpees can be done in place so no excuses for why you can’t do this one!