June 4 2015

Some days you’re the windshield.

Woke around 6am when Sunghee rose to get ready for work.  Threw in laundry.  Did work.  Walked Kaelin to school.  A cool overcast Vancouver morning hinted at rain so I packed my rain jacket which I would never need as the broke through transforming into another gorgeous day.

Walked to CrossFit.  My Friday schedule too crazy, wondering where to squeeze in my WOD.  You’d think spending all day in a gym it would be easy top find workout time.  Not so.  Supposed to be a rest day today but with Sunghee working & Kaelin in school and my schedule packed, best slip in a WOD…or 2.

First up:

50 Box Jumps @24″
40 Box Jumps
30 Box Jumps
20 Box Jumps
10 Box Jumps

For most folks HSPU will be the limiting factor.  For me it was the box jumps.  I planned to take it easy on this one imagining it would be tough but once I reached the HSPUs I felt great.  Did 20 HSPU straight in round #1 finishing with the Panchik kip.  Next rounds I’d get 10 then sets of 5.  Never deteriorated.  When I saw that I could finish under 20 minutes I went for it.  Did last sets of 10 and 5 unbroken.  18:45  Crushed it!

For my next WOD I walked over to Lord Byng Pool.

20x25m Swim repeats

I feared my shoulders might be fatigued from all the HSPU detracting from my swim times but once again, I felt great.  Now please keep in mind I am not a skilled swimmer but all-in-all I felt I did great.  24 seconds on my first round, 23 seconds on my 2nd and 20 seconds on the 3rd.  There after all my times were 20, 21 or 22 seconds.  I rested approximately 1:30 between rounds though that varied a bit depending on people I was sharing the lane with.

I felt that I fully recovered between sets so that my last round was tied for my fastest at 20 seconds.  I give myself an estimated average of 22 seconds.  Killed it!

Then I walked home along the residential roads avoiding Dunbar drained and depleted.  My body needed carbs badly.  I ate a banana and 3 peoples servings worth of quinoa porridge but still needed sugar so I ate a bowl of Kaelin’s cornflakes.  So sweet but it did the trick.

Got a bit of work done before going to pick up Kaelin.  When we got home we stopped at IGA.  More carbs in the form of lentil chips, grapes & gluten-free breaded chicken fingers (frozen).  Physically done for the day, sat down with Kaelin to watch Daredevil & eat.  Would have done nothing else but had to get up and do food prep for tomorrow.

Sunghee got home and we ate again & readied for bed.  so pleased my body held up to the day’s demands and exceeded my expectations on both WODs.
Chicken burger & cucumber salad, berries & coconut milk, prunes, unsweetened coconut milk


Salmon with olive oil & balsamic, quinoa porridge with berries, banana, butter & coconut milk, corn flakes with coconut milk



Dinner #1
Gluten-free breaded chicken fingers, grapes, lentil chips

Dinner #2
Chicken burger & kimchee, berries & coconut milk, seaweed