Something was going on yesterday on Dunbar Street in Vancouver.

Max Clean.  Max Bench Press.  Max Overhead Squat.

3 lifts in only one hour.

I warned our CrossFit Empower members that it would be difficult to get a true personal best on any of those lifts given the time restriction.

So what did you do?  Completely disregarded coach-imposed limitations and busted out a whole Personal Best Board full of record lifts!

Good on you!

Some of you posted a personal best in one of the three lifts:
Crusher & Peril in the OHS
Springs, HHH & Brick on Bench Press (Brick’s 245# was the day’s biggest bench!)
Quicksilver with a best in the clean
Doc Disc with an improved total score over last time

A few put up bests in two of the three lifts:
Sprite with the clean & bench press
G-Money with the OHS & Bench Press
Big Cat & Hard Rock with the clean & OHS

And then some of you rebels showed me what’s what by scoring bests in ALL three lifts!
Mr. Fantastic
Dangers (also his best total so technically 4 PB’s today)
Super Mario

The top women scored over 300# for their total
Steel 305#
Hard Rock 310#
Clue 340#!!!

The top men totaled over 500#
Dolly 510#
Super Mario 550#
Brick 555#
Sandman 565#
Dangers 590#
Mr. Fantastic 650#!!!
(Big Cat was just shy by 5# with a 495# total)

A great lifting day everyone!
And as a bonus, our team crushed the Team Series event with 331 great clean & jerks!

We’ve got some great lifters developing here at CrossFit Empower and Christine Girard is back again this Saturday to help us improve!