This Saturday, the workout of the day will be a couplet of DB front rack walking lunges and pull-ups.


The intended stimulus for this workout is to improve higher rep pull-up capacity while finishing the lunges in 2 sets or less.




If you have not developed the capacity for doing higher pull-up volumes yet, consider 4-5 sets of max pull-ups per round and time cap yourself at 3 minutes of pull-ups each round.





As always, pull-ups may be substituted with banded pull-ups, jumping pull-ups, ring rows, or bent-over rows.





Depending on the space, we may substitute the 50 ft walking lunges with 18 in-place lunges.

For those of you on zoom, you can substitute the pull-ups with bent-over rows or DB/KB swings.


See you all on the zoom, in group classes or in the open gyms.

Big Cat


Warm Up

On a 10 min clock AMRAP:

-10 Hip swings
-5 KB Goblet squats
-10 Hollow rocks
-10 Shoulder pass throughs
-5 Lat pull-ups/beat swings
-5 Ring rows
-8 Lunges


-Pull-up (and progressions)
-DB rack lunges (and substitutes)



5 rounds for time of:

50-ft dumbbell front-rack lunge (35/50 # DBs)
25 pull-ups


Cool Down

-Trunk rotation
-Shoulder rotations
-Shoulder pull overs
-Dragon pose/pigeon pose
-Downward dog/Child pose