Sunday WOD

Folks, this is a long one using a heavy dumbbell. Most of us are scaling this workout, so reduce the load of the snatches to a weight that is challenging but you can complete at least 10 reps unbroken in the early rounds. My completed time was under 35 minutes and I used a 35# DB and did the rope climbs to 14-feet.

For time:

50 DB snatches

5 rope climbs

40 DB snatches

4 rope climbs

30 DB snatches

3 rope climbs

20 DB snatches

2 rope climbs

10 DB snatches

1 rope climb

45# DB, 15-ft rope

70# DB, 15-ft rope


Keep your warm-up short and sweet

1 round only of:

3:00 easy row, Rogue Echo bike, Airdyne, ski erg

10 shoulder pass-throughs

10 Original Strength frog rocks

5 judo push-ups

Warm-up snatches using a light dumbbell and do a partial rope climb


Dumbbell Power Snatch

Rope Climb (Basket)

Rope Climb (Wrapping)

Modified Rope Climb

If you’re joining me from home and you have a rig but not a rope, here’s a good alternative to rope climbs using a towel.


Other substitutions for rope climbs are pull-ups and any pull-up progressions you’re working on. Make sure to make this substitution challenging.


20 shoulder pass-throughs

10/10 Arm circles (forward/backward)

10 windshield wipers

10 hollow rocks