It has only been a few weeks but our five, three, and one deadlift is back. Tomorrow you will perform one set of five, two sets of three, and three singles deadlifts during your workout. Because it came up so recently I decided to go a little lighter and use chains. This offered a bit of a different challenge and was an opportunity to work on something a little different than last time.

Zoomers you may need to find an odd object or even grocery bags to lift. We will make sure you get a good lifting session in regardless of what you have and for those in the open gyms come prepared with knowledge of your current one rep max. You will get to work off of percentages of your current max and if technique is good you may even find a new one in the singles. This one came up a few weeks back so data should be easy to find.

Thought of the day

School is almost done, the Empower covid games have just concluded, and the weather is looking like summer. It has been a very exciting few weeks in the gym and let’s ride this momentum into a great summer and fall. Your challenge for today is to do one thing that will make your week better. Success breeds success. Even if you start small the small choices can lead to big change.  We look forward to seeing you on zoom and in the open gyms.




QOD: One Thing you are Grateful for?

Warm up
1 minute each plank rotation (L,M,R)


3 Rnds

3/3 RDL’s

5 Bent over rows

10 L raises






Cool down

Trunk rotations

Dragon and pigeon pose

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