On Wednesday it will be time for another coffee day. You will get to take on seven sets of three reps on the deadlift. I came in with a plan of hitting a certain total volume on the deadlift but had to settle for holding at eighty seven percent of my one rep max for all the lifts. The plan b goal was to make every lift and get comfortable with that weight. This may happen to you too, so listen to your body and do your best to hit above eighty percent of your one rep max;  as long as you can do so with good technique and safely.

If you will be Joining from zoom land have an odd object or bar ready. You may not get to go heavy but it can still be a great day to refine your lifting technique and set you up for success next time. For those that will be in the gym as always coffees and your favourite stories are a must.  We look forward to seeing you in the gym, on zoom, and in the open gyms.

Thought of the day

Today has been a very busy day. I got to the gym at four thirty am and coached most of morning until two pm. I was very lucky to have a thirty minute window to get my workout done before the noon class. Even luckier that workout was Isabel.  So it fit perfectly into my schedule.  Often time’s people want to use work, family, or time as a reason for not doing important things. But if it is really a priority, you will seize every opportunity you can to get it done.  A great example of this is our five am and six am crews. The way they make fitness work with their lives is to get up while everyone else is asleep.

We all have things that come up. There may be days that you can’t hit it one hundred and ten percent. But if it is a true a priority to you seize every opportunity to do it. Whether its fitness, family, work, etc make the most out of the time you have.

Other thought:

What is a question you have about training, fitness, overcoming fear, or Mindset?  These are the spark notes versions of the things I have been talking about most often. And I have been Curious to hear questions from you. If you want to get a question discussed in the blog Email it to: [email protected].




Warm up

3 rnds

3/3 RDL

5 Bent Over Rows






Cool down

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