Time for a mid week couplet, on Wednesday you will get to take on Deadlifts and Burpees. The Deadlifts should be a moderate weight and the burpees should be well burpees. Because this is a fairly quick one there will be a lot of time spent in the warm up, build up, and cool down.  This way you will be prepared to get the most from your workout,  get recovery time, and be ready for Thursday’s workout.

If you are joining from zoom land you just need something to lift. The Challenge to you, zoomers, is to find something interesting to lift. It may not be heavy but could be something awkward. The Deadlift is a very important lift and we will make sure you get a chance to refine your technique in the second phase of your warm up and during your build up to weight.

Thought of the day

One of my Judo coaches used to always talk to us about perfect practice. He would say Practice does not make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect. As I have coached longer I have thought about this a lot. And it has made me think more about deliberate practice and mind full training.

Over the years I have watched many fall into the trap of thinking more is better but this is not always true. If you are able to do more thoughtfully then it will for sure be better. But if you are doing more half heartedly it will definitely be worse.  Your challenge for tomorrow’s couplet is to be deliberate in your warm up and mindful during your execution of the workout. Do this quick one a little better and see that better is better. We look forward to seeing you on zoom, in the open gyms, and in the group classes for a fun workout.



Warm up

2 rnds  1 minute each

Os push up

Side plank (L/R)

Leopard crawl

Suit case carry (L/R)


3 rnds

3/3 barbell RDL’s

5 Bent over rows





5 rnds

5 Deadlift 185/275#

10 Burpees

Cool down

  • Leon