Today’s CrossFit WOD is the Deadlift Pyramid:


Use a barbell, use dumbbells, use a duffel bag.  Once I even used a dumpster in back of a school.

If possible, increase the load progressively as the reps get fewer then decrease load on the way back down.  I like to keep my heaviest rep at or below 90% of my one rep max.

There have been a lot of great deadlifts performed on our premises at CrossFit Empower on Dunbar Street in Vancouver.  Can you name all these faces?
IMG_0534IMG_1398IMG_9762 IMG_4947IMG_9965IMG_1417 IMG_3501IMG_4965IMG_7306IMG_3434IMG_7321IMG_9966IMG_9968 IMG_9971IMG_9974photo 2 (2)IMG_0301IMG_9979photo 4 (2)IMG_3115IMG_0385