There are a lot of exciting things coming your way in the month of December so don’t just skim this blog post, give it a thorough review!

December Holiday Schedule
At CrossFit Empower, we have not closed a day in over 5 years and we don’t plan to change that now.  We will be open throughout the holidays including Open gym times on Christmas and New Year’s Day so we can celebrate the holidays together in pursuit of fitness!

As our membership disappears for seasonal vacations, we will begin to reduce class times offered December 20th through January 5th and will cancel classes with fewer than 3 people registered (don’t worry, we will notify you in advance by text or email if we cancel a class you’ve registered for).

12 Days of X-Mas WOD & Potluck
Everyone is invited to celebrate our 10th annual 12-Days of X-Mas event with us Saturday December 14th starting at 8am.  Sign up on the clipboard in the gym with your partner for your heat.  Get more info here.
We will be announcing workout movements one round per day advent calendar style on our Instagram starting Sunday December 1st.

Intramural Team Champions and Spirit of the Open Award
We will be wrapping up our 12 Days of X-Mas event with an awards ceremony for our 2019 and 2020 Open winners.

Special Presentation
Competition is fun but is only a small part of what we do here at Empower.  As a wrap up to this year’s 12 Day’s of X-Mas event we would like to make a special presentation to some of the Empower members who have helped us build this fantastic community.  Please stick around to help us thank them for their contributions and dedication to our community!

Power Up at Empower
Empower has partnered with nutrition coach Annie Tasaka and the Power Up team.  Look for regular nutrition blog post contributions from Annie to help you into the new year.  In January we will also be rolling out 3 great new nutrition packages including 1) the premium 3-month 1-on-1 nutrition coaching program 2) the discounted Facebook Live 2-month group nutrition program and 3) a 3-part Saturday nutrition seminar series covering the topics: Fueling for Performance, Meal Planning & Food Prep and Eating for Body Composition.

Watch our blog next week for more information on these three programs and how to pre-register to reserve your spot.

Skill Development Levels 1 & 2
In the lead up to the 2020 CrossFit Open, a small group of Empower members came in for extra training with The Truth & I to help us test some ideas about how specific skill focus could help them perform better.  We met last week to debrief and all agree it was an effective and worthwhile endeavour that can be improved with a few tweaks.  In January we will roll out our new and improved version featuring both a level one and level two group depending on your skill level.  The Skill Development classes will include prep work for the CanWest Qualifier but will be open and relevant to competitors and non-competitors alike.  Watch for an upcoming blog post for details on how to register.

Empower Mobility Class
You’ve been requesting it, January 2020 we will finally offer a mobility class that complements  your CrossFit practice and will help you perform better in the gym.  Details to follow.  Stay tuned.

Do them before they double!