Do you have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset? Are you born with your ability or are you able to take control and change it? I know growing up I was definitely in a fixed mindset. Thinking the things I would be good at would come easy or not at all.

One of the books I have on the go right now is The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle. He makes a great case for the need for deep practice and how this practice makes the difference from being good to great. To the dismay of Allen Iverson today we will be talking about practice and a way of thinking about it that may be a little different.

A quick Google search shows this definition for deep practice: Deep Practice consists of stretching yourself just outside your comfort zone, stopping and reflecting when errors occur, making adjustments, and continuing this process over time. Deep Practice can apply to a wide variety of skills – from hitting a baseball, to playing guitar, to delegating a task to an employee.

Thank you Google, now that we have our working definition why does this matter to you? Put simply this could be the key to unlocking those higher level skills and to help you improve on the things that matter to you. Also with today’s session being a make up day it is a good time to put this idea into practice.

Recently Dauntless was in a 6 am, for a make up day, and she wanted to work on snatching. Like many skills since the shut down this has been an under practiced one. Having just read a chapter of the talent code, I invited her to humor me on something. We set up on an imaginary bar and executed reps without weight, then with the pvc pipe, eventually ending up on the bar.

Now it is time for the cool part, Dauntless was able to hit multiple reps at just five pounds under her previous one rep max! It was very fun as a coach to see this success in such a short time. Especially with the nervous energy coming into the practice session and the fact that she had not snatched heavy for a few months.

What is in it for you?  As you practice on Tuesday’s make up day be more aware of your movements and don’t be afraid to practice skills with less resistance, visualize between sets, slowing down and speeding up. It may sound a little hokey but testing it will not hurt and you can always go back to a different way of practicing if it is not effective.

Yes Mr. Iverson we are talking about practice today and for those of us that have been stuck on a particular skill going deeper in the practice room may be the way for use to get where we want to go.

Tuesday Workout

  1. Shoulder press pull up medley

Max reps shoulder press, 95/135 lb.
Max reps L pull-up
Max reps shoulder press, 75/115 lb.
Max reps strict pull-up
Max reps shoulder press, 65/95 lb.
Max reps chest-to-bar pull-up
Max reps shoulder press, 45/65 lb.
Max reps pull-up

Rest at least 2 minutes between exercises.

  1. Midline March

3 rounds

25 GHD sit-ups

50 ft handstand walk

50 ft overhead lunges

  1. 20 min Amrap

15 Burpees

30 cal row

  1. 40 mins SLIPS

5. KBS & Box Jumps



Box Jumps

  • Leon