Friday’s CrossFit WOD featured muscle ups and rope climbs, two higher level gymnastics skills. For most of us it made sense to turn off the timer and focus on strength and skill development.
For athletes developing their muscle up we used banded muscle ups or if they did not yet have ring dips we strengthened pull ups and ring dips.  Quicksilver managed ring dips with rings stabilized by the band but no knee in the band.  Shades got her first unassisted ring dip and then did it many times more!
CrossFit Empower Dunbar 2 CrossFit Empower Dunbar CrossFit Empower Vancouver 2  CrossFit Empower Vancouver
For those without rope climbs we practiced foot pinches and hanging knee raises.
CrossFit Empower 2CrossFit Empower
It was a lot of work volume but we kept the intensity low by taking our time.  A solid gymnastics practice session!

Kudos to Bruiser and Magnum who both completed the entire WOD RX’d!  An impressive feat!

Want to develop the strength and skill to perform higher level gymnastics skills?  Pay us a visit on Dunbar Street in Vancouver
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