It was a make up day today on Dunbar Street as folks came in from a cold, rainy Vancouver day to catch up on a CrossFit WOD they missed or to work on weaknesses.

5:30am Yeti worked on shoulder mobility, Crusher practiced pull up strengthening & Dangers spent time prepping his handstand walk for tomorrow’s WOD

6:30am Shades practiced thrusters & pull ups while everyone else took on the C&J, C2B WOD.  BFG RX’d it!

9:15am  So full we had to turn people away!  Monika rowed and practiced squats.  Sam I Am, HHH & Shine did the 5 round interval WOD, Bruiser & Doc Disc worked on shoulder alignment & Nancy & Suave did the 12 minute box jump-SDHP WOD.  Doc Disc also discovered the new CrossFit Empower call to arms.

12:00pm Doc Bones did the box jump-SDHP WOD, Brick & Mr. Fantastic worked on muscle ups & Hard Rock RX’d Saturday’s upcoming handstand walk WOD beating me by 3 seconds!

5:00pm Sprite went solo on the C&J-C2B WOD

6:00pm Springs & Hit Girl did box jumps & SDHP in Open Gym

7:00pm Ali was in for the Beginner’s Class