“Trust yourself,..dig deep down and ask yourself who you want to be? Not what, but who?” –Arnold Schwarzenegger

Thought of the day

Make sure to read the quote of the day again. Now that you know who said it, it is way better in his voice. In workouts and in life there will be opportunities for you to dig deep and show the person you are working towards. It is not always pretty and nice but little steps add up. With the open right around the corner you may be asked over the three weeks to pull something out of you. Something that you did not know was even there.

It is the hard moments not the easy ones that will shape your story. Remember to try and enjoy the ride as much as you can. Even if it feels like dirt is being kicked in your face or your lungs are on imaginary fire. Yours ability to get through hard things is a very important part of life. Next time something is hard work on rising to the challenge rather than trying to cheat the process to make it easy.

In challenging workouts and situations do your best to dig deep and be the person you know you can. If you do that win, lose or draw you can be proud of who you are becoming.

Make up day

Tuesday will be another make up day. You will have the opportunity to take on another piece of this month’s strength cycle, or challenge pistols and push-ups for the make up day options.  If these options are not very appealing you can always develop a skill or do a workout you missed. We are excited to see you for another step towards the 2024 CrossFit Open.


  1. Hang Squat Clean


  1. 3 rnds

1 min Freestanding Handstand hold

1 min L-sit hold

800m Run

  1. 30-20-10



Alt DB Snatches 35/50#

  1. OHS


  1. Shoulder press


  1. 50-40-30-20-10

Push Ups