It won’t always go your way.  Sometimes there’s disappointment.  C’est la vie.

Just over a week ago, fast on the heels of the news that West 10th was closing, we learned that our neighbour Path Yoga was also closing at month’s end.  Another dream crushed as a result of COVID.  It’s not a thing to celebrate.  But though the bible admonishes “Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s gym space”, we could hardly help ourselves.  Sinners that we are, we’ve desired that space since first we moved in.  News of it’s impending vacancy sounded to us like manifest destiny.

For the past week I’ve been working with realtors, landlords, equipment suppliers, banks and government in a bid to secure that space for an Empower expansion as I cooked up exciting plans filled with fun new fitness toys.  There was little sleep and no rest for who can sleep while dreaming of such exciting things?

In that spirit I asked Friday’s group classes what new fitness toys they most desired in a gym.  I agreed wholeheartedly with most of the suggestions.  In fact, most are part of the grand master plan Big Boss and I hatched for Empower ages ago when we were still operating in our closet-sized space on Dunbar.

Here’s what you suggested:

Coach Approved Hmmm, not so much
Smoothie/coffee bar Blinds
Hot tub Pull up assist machine
Pool Nap pod
Cable trainer Full bar
Massage therapist Roller blades
Yoga wheel
More yoga mats
Versa climber
Pilates reformer
Dance pole
Vertical jump test
Jungle gym
Crash mats
More light dumbbells
Boxing bag

It’s an exciting list, the kind that keeps a coach up at night plotting and scheming.  Unfortunately today we received word that our bid for world domination has been temporarily thwarted by a Pilates studio that was better positioned to make an aggressive offer.  So the new toys will have to wait a bit longer.  To compound today’s disappointment, the latest window quote came in at roughly $10,000 well outside the expected $5000.  Unless we can find a better quote, this project may have to be put on hold.

Well, things don’t always go your way.  But we are still very grateful for the beautiful space we currently occupy on Alma Street.  We’re grateful to still be in business.  And I’ve always wanted to try a Pilates reformer so it looks as though I’ll get my chance.  I’m sure Pilates is very complementary to our CrossFit training and will help all of us get better at what we love to do so I welcome our new neighbours and plan to make them allies in fitness as we have done with both Modo Yoga and Wholey Fit.

It looked very, very close there for a moment but today it didn’t go our way.  Life doesn’t hand you aces every time.  But we’re still in the game.  Our dreams weren’t crushed, just delayed.  Our day will come and on that day we will rule the world bwah-ha-ha!

Saturday WOD
Equipment: external load like a back pack or dumbbell or a resistance band

Warm Up
Banded Alphabet
Shoulder Series
Scap Rock
OS Push Up

Weighted Dip
Banded Push Up

Weighted Ring Dip/Resistance band push up

Cool Down
Scap Rock
Scap Rotations/retractions