We had a late cash influx into the Empower equipment fund affording us the opportunity to pick up a few new toys.

We still have one new toy on the way but today we received a few exciting gifts:

Our second Rogue adjustable dumbbell handle arrived so now we can make pairs of dumbbells from 15 to 105 lbs.  Yes Shine, even the unicorn of the dumbbell wish list, the 17.5 and 22.5 dumbbells are now possible!

We also received the versatile Eleiko Oppen Trap Bar.  Not only does this bar allow easier loading for trap bar carries, you can now perform heavy farmer’s lunges.  And because it is rack-able, people with lower back issues can use it for cambered bar back squats and those with shoulder problems can use it for neutral grip bench pressing and shoulder pressing.

But what got the most smiles today was the Fringe Sport 10lb Donut bumper plates.  Don’t be fooled by the fun packaging or kitschy design, these are top quality rubber bumpers designed to make lifting a little more fun and a bit less serious.  They’ve proven quite popular already and I know they will be fought over.  House rules: if you are using them, please make sure they are on the outside with frosting facing out, I mean otherwise why even bother, right?

Thanks for the generosity that made this possible!