It is autumn in Vancouver and with everyone back from vacation our little box on Dunbar Street is filling up again.  Many classes a day are filling up.  It is imperative that you register online for the classes you wish to attend.  We will add classes near time slots that are consistently full as soon as attendance patterns are clear.  If you are having trouble registering please contact a coach ASAP!

Monday was a make up day and an opportunity to catch up on CrossFit WODs you missed previously:

Rowing: FeProf posted the 3rd best women’s time!
IMG_2579 IMG_2613IMG_2614IMG_2612 IMG_2631IMG_2629IMG_2640IMG_2650

Barbell Triplet: Music Man scored a big 20# PB on the TGU and Suave was putting up some big loads!
HeroWOD: Some teamed up, others went solo.
Rope Climb & T2B
Hard Rock & Haiku did the Mile run with back extensions & sit ups
Shine & Princess took a sneak peak at Tuesday’s sprint WOD

And some used this day to work on weaknesses: Quicksilver got a PB on consecutive DU!