July 10 2015

4:15am alarm.  Breakfast.
Salmon with salsa, berries & coconut milk, cranberry juice (+2)
Walked up Dunbar Street enjoying a cooler Vancouver morning. (-1)

Today’s group classes faced a tough WOD.  Only Bruiser & Sandman went RX’d.  I thought my time was unassailable on this one but Sandman finished a full minute faster!!!

Breakfast 2
Salmon & coleslaw, berries & coconut milk

I got finished my morning work then Sunghee came to do the CrossFit WOD with me.

Push Jerk

I planned to stay between 70-80% of my one rep max starting at 185#.  The first set felt heavy but as I added weight my form improved and I felt stronger.  200# was my best set.  I hit my target at 205# my core was a bit weak so I thought it was a perfect place to stop. (-1)

Kaelin got a call from cadets inviting him to carry the flag at the opening ceremonies of today’s football game between the BC Lions & the Saskatchewan Rough Riders.  Complimentary game tickets for the parents were offered.  Of course I work tonight and am delivering the Nutrition seminar so I can’t attend.

Chicken & coleslaw, berries & coconut milk, banana (+1)

I took advantage of the cool day and quiet schedule squeezing in my 2nd WOD in the afternoon.

5 Rounds
800m Run
30 GHD Sit Ups
30 Hip Extensions

This WOD was awful.  42:40.  Awful. (-4)

Post WOD
Coconut water (+1), chicken & coleslaw, berries & coleslaw, banana (+1)


Finished my work.  Played kick-ball with Makenna.

Chicken & salsa, berries & coconut milk, blueberries from Taskmaster:)
After the nutrition talk Taskmaster gave me a lift home and we had a good chat.  But as aI sat in teh car my abs started to cramp.  Probably a result of the GHD sit ups.

Went in to get ready for bed.  Sunghee and Kaelin still at the game.  As I brushed my teeth I felt my upper right ab begin to cramp and in the mirror witnessed as the muscle sucked itself into my body and up under my ribcage.  It wasn’t so painful as a calf or foot cramp but it looked freaky and compressed my diaphragm so that I could neither breathe deeply or bend over.  After a few minutes I almost panicked and called Bruiser but as I reached for the phone the cramp released.

Sunghee & Kaelin returned excited with stories of their experiences and Kaelin’s exposure on Sports Net and ESPN.  Headed to bed but a bit restless.

Daily Totals
Food +5
WOD -4
Walk -1
Sun -1
Sleep 0

Balance 0