June 29 2015

Rose sleepily, ate and staggered up Dunbar Street towards work.  My foot achy after being in dress shoes yesterday but it is more of a general non-specific dull ache and less sharp stabbing localized pain so the walk to work was actually easier.  Very humid Vancouver morning.  Took my shirt off to keep it dry.  Police patrol car followed me up the street with my limp, my taped ankle and my shirtlessness and waited outside several minutes watching as I opened the gym.  Humorous as I find it, I am grateful they are watching over our neighbourhood!

Group classes took on the Power Clean 3 rep max.  Some really good lifting.  Notable among the men: Dr. T 160#, Dangers 170#, Mighty Mouse 155#, Big Cat 145#.  Among the women Bruiser 115#, Clue 105#, G-Money 85#, Fe Prof 90#, The Calm & Makmama 95#.  Good stuff!

Lots to do today.  Rushed through my work then time for CrossFit WOD #1

Power Snatch

I started out a bit conservative at a little less than 70% of my 1 rep max but found this easier than expected and kept adding weight.  Stopped at 150# which seemed like a good weight.  I felt I could lift more but not certain I could maintain good form with a heavier bar.

A shower then coached the noon class.

Got more work done then readied for WOD #2.  I don’t like doing 2 WODs in one day but I missed this yesterday and if I get it done now I don’t have to come in tomorrow but can instead spend my whole day with Kaelin.  Not sure how my ankle will hold up and expecting it to be a long one.

80 Squats
70 Push Ups
60 Alternating Pistols
50 Calorie Row
40 DB OHS @35#
20 DB Thrusters @35#
10 Muscle Ups

Still using a white band for my pistols and didn’t think I could do any on my injured foot but was surprised to discover I could.  Because the pistol has me leaning my weight on the inside edge of my foot there was no load on the outside edge that is injured.  Completed these in sets of 6.  My thighs burned afterwards all afternoon.

I was also worried about dropping down from the muscle ups but with a mat underneath it was OK.  Can’t say my foot slowed me down at all in this WOD.  37:37.  Not bad.  I had some hard times last week but felt strong on both WODs today.

Had to shower twice as my body refused to stop sweating.  Ate a whole bag of kettle corn from Adventure with my food afterwards to replenish glycogen.  My whole body was trembling.

Got back to work trying to get all done so I can enjoy tomorrow with my son.

Big Cat drove me home after the evening classes.  Sunghee & Kaelin were back from set.  Too hot to properly sleep.  The rest of the neighborhood was up too.