July 12 2015

Everyone needs a rest day from time-to-time.

Really hoped to sleep in but Sunghee’s phone woke us at 6:30am.  An 8-hour sleep (-2) but still tired.  Wide awake though so I did laundry, blog, etc.  Very hungry, ate a double-sized breakfast.

Bulgogi & chicken with coleslaw, berries & coconut milk, cranberry juice (+2)
We didn’t really get going until 11:30am when we drove up Dunbar Street to pick up Kaelin from his sleep over.  Should have been called “sleepless over”.  He had so much fun he must have forgotten sleep because when he returned home he passed out on the floor and slept the rest of the afternoon.

I was equally exhausted and famished.  Glad to have a rest day from CrossFit and though it was a lovely Vancouver day, I had little desire to fet outside.

Wanted to do nothing but as I had eaten the last of the food for breakfast I had to drag myself up to prep more food.  Didn’t do much, just threw meat in oven to cook then ate it while watching Alien Outpost on Netflix.  Strange movie.  The ending was exactly like that of Cowboys and Aliens.

Salmon with olive oil & balsamic, kinchee & guacamole, berries & coconut milk
For a little while I succeeded in doing nothing then we got ready to go out for my Mother-in-Law’s birthday.  Woke Kaelin.  Picked up my mom on our way to English Bay (+1).

We met at Cactus Club.  The steak I got was drowned in sauce:(  I gave Kaelin my mashed potatoes and Sunghee & I stood until the food arrived in order to avoid further inactivity penalties.  Even trying to eat clean restaurants are expensive for accumulating points.

Steak (+1) sauce (+3), salad with cheese & dressing (+3), a bit of mashed potato (+2)
After dinner my Mom was unwell so we left early and delivered her home.  Suspect an allergic response to something in food.

I was still hungry so when we got home I ate again.

Chicken, berries & coconut milk
Then we got ready for bed.

Daily Totals
Sleep -2
Sun 0
Sitting +1
Food +11

Balance: 10