The first Empower Experience of 2022 is brought to you by the beast, Dr. T, who holds the title to Empower’s longest running membership.  He is now in his 12th year!   Dr.  T is often found at the 5am class, which, as story has it, is a time slot he advocated for years ago to meet the needs of those who must fit in a workout before the world awakes.  The class stuck and there is a solid 5am crew who engage in various antics in and outside the gym.  Dr. T is one consistent dude and a good rival for his comrades. The friendliest of guys, he is not to be feared though he will give you a run for your money in any workout.  Guaranteed.  Come to a 5am class and see for yourself how a beast gets made! Keep on rocking it in 2022 Dr. T!

What brought you to CrossFit?

Corey is an old friend from university.  He called me one day and wanted to talk about fitness.  I would later meet him at CrossFit Vancouver, which was right around the corner from my work so it was very convenient.  At the time I had no idea what CrossFit was.  I was intrigued as I had always enjoyed training, but I had young kids at the time and had not been very consistent with exercise.

Dr. T and sons in old gym. He got them in too.

What was your first impression? How has it changed?

My first impression was “What kind of crazy military training is this?”  I thought Corey and I were friends! I had the old school Introductory session that included Tabata squats, running around the block with a 20 lb medicine ball and burpees.  Corey said “One day soon you will be able to do the Tabata squats as part of a warmup.”  I thought to myself, “Corey is nuts,” as I could hardly walk or sit down for about a week.  But, sure enough after I finished my Introductory sessions and joined group classes, those Tabata squats became surprisingly manageable.  Maybe there was something to this CrossFit stuff?  Training at Empower has taught me that anything is possible if you are consistent, patient and you have a game plan.  Don’t redline it, pace yourself and (you will) finish strong.

What was your first bright spot (win/positive experience)?

My first bright spot was probably being able to string together double unders.  It took awhile and even today it comes and goes but, it is a great feeling when you can get the timing down and put whole bunch together.  FINALLY getting my first bar muscle up was also a big win for me.

What are you working on now? 

I am currently working on making my bar muscle ups more consistent, kipping chest to bar pull-ups and ring muscle ups.  There is so much to work on in CrossFit and so little time. I might have to retire to catch up to Sandman.

What is your favourite Empower Experience so far?

I have so many wonderful Empower memories.  Here are just a few:

5 am crew bike ride with Corey 2.0

Push up and ocean swim workout with Touch and the 5 am crew

Vancouver Triathlon with Road Warrior, JR, Boomer and Lightning

Bike ride with Crusher and the 5 am crew.

Coffee and Apple Fritters for Road Warrior’s birthday.

I am looking forward to seeing what memories 2022 brings!?

We are too Dr. T!