June 20 2015

Slept in until 6am rising 45 minutes early.  After a quick breakfast I walked up Dunbar to CrossFit enjoying a sunny Vancouver morning.  A rest day today and looking forward to our gymnastics clinic with Jennifer Dober!

Coached the morning group classes.  Then time for gymnastics.  But Sunghee wanted to participate and class full so I gave her my spot and took photos instead.  Happy wife, happy life.  Jen is such a good coach it was a great class.  We certainly want her back again soon!

Coached the afternoon class then Sunghee picked me up.  We went to collect Kaelin from his math tutor.  I took us out to Oakridge Mall for an early Father’s Day treat.  Went to Taco Luis in the food court.  I was just in the mood for something like that.  Walked over to Whitespot for dessert and bumped into Bender there.  The line up was very long so we wandered over to Purdy’s instead fore an ice cream bar.

Drove home.  Picked up popcorn from IGA and went home to watch a movie.  Sunghee & Kaelin surprised me with a gluten-free raspberry mango passion fruit tart from my favourite bakery.  Very tasty.  Major sugar rush.  Movie sucked so I went to bed at 7:40pm.  Not ready to sleep so did some non-work compiling a list of resources organized by subject.

Then to bed.

Beef jerky, berries & coconut milk, cranberry juice

Breakfast #2
Salmon with olive oil & balsamic, berries & coconut milk

Beef jerky, berries & coconut milk

Taco Luis: Beef burrito, Purdy’s: Ice cream bar

Popcorn, raspberry mango-passion fruit tart, berry-banana-coconut milk smoothie