Healthy eating is at the top of the best investment list.  It is a central player influencing your health. Are you on information overload about what to eat?  Do you understand the importance but struggle to carry it out on a practical level?  Do life demands make it hard for you to get to the gym and eat as well as you’d like?  Know what to do but not doing it? At Simple Steps Nutrition and Lifestyle coaching we work with you one to one to overcome these common issues.   We believe:

1.       It is never too late to make a change in your lifestyle.

2.       Real habit change takes time and effort.

3.       Patience and consistency are necessary life skills we can develop.

4.       Mistakes are valuable learning experiences from which we grow stronger.

5.       It can be done. We never give up on you.

Eating well means that most of the time you eat real, not processed, foods. It does not mean being a rigid perfectionist. There is no such thing as a perfect eater.  A diet that does not bend will break.  Your coach will not tell you what you must eat. Our approach is to prescribe a nutrition practice to help you reach your goals in doable, incremental steps and to provide you with support to navigate pitfalls as they arise.   We provide accountability, support, counselling and education to get you where you want to go.

Why is healthy eating so important?

The human body is a complex machine, and, like a car, it needs a proper mix of fuel to run well.  It can not run on an empty tank and will just chug along at best on the wrong fuel.  When you feed your body the right fuel:

  1. You have more energy and feel less tired.
  2. You increase your chances of preventing and reducing health problems.
  3. You are able to handle life’s challenges and emotional ups and downs in a more positive way.

Simple Starts:

Choose foods as nature made them.  The less processed the better.  Processed foods have been changed from their original state by having ingredients added, such as sugar and fat, or subtracted, such as fiber and nutrients, i.e., whole grains made into white floor to make them tastier.  Think grilled chicken breast turned into chicken nuggets and baked potatoes made into French fries. Keep it real! It is so much better in the long run, taste buds simply need to adjust.

Manage your emotions. Do you eat when you are bored, down in the dumps, or feeling lonely? Many of us seek comfort in food or drink to take our minds off something or to cope with feel anxious, angry or depressed.  In such times celery sticks and apples often just won’t do. Learning alternative responses in these situations will pay huge dividends in your health.  At Simple Steps we teach you mindset shifts that set you up for success. Train the mind and the body will follow.

Look at your habits.  Do they support or hinder your health and fitness? A habit is a regular practice that is hard to give up, something we are in the routine of doing.  It may be drinking wine at the end of the workday or going to the gym every morning at 6am. Some habits serve us well and some don’t.  Where do yours fall on this spectrum?

It starts with you.  Understand that prioritizing health acts like working out and eating well is not selfish.

Your health impacts everyone around you, most of all your family. If you wish to take care of others, work at being the best version of yourself.  You get a great return on your investment!

Want accountability and support to reach your health and fitness goals?  We’re here for you. Take the first step and book a consult today!

Wednesday Make-Up Day

1. 10rnds

50 m swim
1 minute rest
10 rnds
200m run
1 minute rest
2. 12 minute AMRAP
24 DB Snatches 35/50#
6 Burpee pull ups
3. Michael 
3 rnds
800m run
50 back extensions
50 sit ups
4. 20 minute amrap (team wod) 
30 cal row/ plank
20 Sprawl balls
10 synchro TGU 25/35#
5. Shoulder reset 
5 rnds ( for Quality)
30 sec bar hang
10/10 360 degree hammer swing CW/CCW
30 sec bar hang
5-10 ring push ups
30 sec bar hang
5/5 KB TGU R/L

Cool Down:

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