This Saturday January 11th 9-10 am Power Up Nutrition will be at Empower to discuss eating to improve body composition by which we mean eating to get leaner.  Open registration, $25 for this session of $50 to attend all 3 scheduled sessions.

Is one of your 2020 goals to get leaner?  Was it one of your goals in 2019 as well?  And 2018?  Have you already figured out that unless you change a few key habits, neither will you?

Getting leaner doesn’t always mean eating less.  But if what you’ve been doing previously didn’t work for you then it will mean eating differently.

Maybe you’ve already tried dieting and been frustrated.  There’s so much bad info out there it’s sometimes difficult to know what really works.  We love Power Up Nutrition’s effective, no-nonsense, results-based approach to nutrition.  It really works.  Not just for me and Motor and Mufasa and G-Money and Hard Rock and Dr. T and so many others, but for you too!

Join us Saturday to learn how to eat to get lean.  And register for the rest of Power Up Nutrition’s Empower seminar series too:

Meal Planning & Food Prep: Saturday February 1st 11am at Empower

Fueling for Performance & Competition:
Saturday March 14th 9am at Empower