attitude 2
‘Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you (or the frog) the rest of the day.’ – Mark Twain

When back squats come up tomorrow you can be pretty sure that Music Man will be there unless he happens to be away from Vancouver.  When we’re running up Dunbar Street you can expect Sandman to attend.  This is normal but it is not the way fitness works.  What we like is usually what we are already good at and practicing more of what we’re already good at will not make us fitter.

CrossFit mixes things up so that cannot happen.  Your weaknesses will come up as often as your strengths.  Before CrossFit you could find me at the bench press but I would never run or do pull ups.  Now I am forced to do all of the above.   And I am fitter and a better athlete for it.  Every day I sit down and look at the frog CrossFit HQ put on my plate.  I might grimace and groan but I eat it up.  And the rest of my day is better for it.

I still don’t look forward to the runs or the L-Sits or the pistols or the thrusters but the discipline of CrossFit is that I never allow myself to miss a WOD that I hate.

And neither should you.  If you want to fully realize the benefits of CrossFit DO NOT pick & choose your WODs.

Show up.  Get it done.  You may not love it but you will love the results!