Classic CrossFit Benchmark WOD Elizabeth

Ring Dips

In the video I show you what to do if you have no access to barbells or rings.  This one is short but intense.

It was my good fortune to have Bruiser & The Touch join me for this Workout and Smash was on hand to time us.

It makes a big difference having company to help get you through.  I strongly believe that a large part of CrossFit’s success is the social component.  Each workout is set up like a game that you can play with others.  No longer is fitness a solitary, anti-social pursuit but something that takes on a community context as you join together with other people who make health a priority.

That is why CrossFit has exploded worldwide.  In 2005 Vancouver had one CrossFit gym and now we have 13!

As a coach I often do the workouts alone ahead of classes so it is a treat for me to have company.  And Bruiser & The Touch are the perfect partners for me on this WOD as they are both strong at both movements which means I will have to work hard.

Believe it or not, I am not concerned where I finish in relation to Bruiser & The Touch.  I want to beat my personal best.  The Touch did best solidly beating his previous best.  I tied my best but did not improve.  It was a bit of a let down:(

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