Elizabeth may not be Grace or Isabel but is still up there as one of my favourite benchmark workouts.  For those unaware, Elisabeth is a couplet of cleans and ring dips. Before your zoom workout or open gym slot take a look at your previous times.

If you are doing this in the comfort of your own home, without rings, bench dips or push ups will do. For the clean you can find an odd object or other piece of equipment, if you do not have a barbell. If you are coming to the open gym we will have a bar for you and rings or boxes to dip with. It is very important to get a good warm up in before this one.  Make sure to get a general warm up in and take sometime on your workout specific warm up as well. This will help set you up for success.

Thought of the day

I had not set a personal record on this benchmark since 2015. To my surprise with a mask and at seven am was the time for me to hit a new personal best. It was not the plan but was a very happy accident. One thing that can make a difference for you is to slow down to go faster.

It sounds like contradictory advice but please hear me out. Sometimes when you come out to hot you redline, burn out, and your movement mechanics fall apart. But when you slow down and focus on good movement you are able to find the right pacing and keep moving efficiently for longer. Try it and see if you notice a difference whether you get a personal best or not.   We look forward to seeing you on zoom and in the open gym to take down Elizabeth.





QOD: Do you prefer to power clean or Squat clean?

Warm up

3 rnds (1 minute each)

Os push ups

Hollow rocks

Bear crawl



Ring Dips



Cleans 95/135

Ring dips

Cool down

Dragon pose/ pigeon pose

Downward dog

Cobra pose

Child pose

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