The results are all in.  Congrats to our competitors who did a great job at this year’s 2020 CrossFit Open competition.  5 weeks is a long haul, great work hanging in there!  Kudos to Motor (29th), D-Knee (37th & Hard Rock (41st) who all placed in the top 50 Canada-wide in their respective divisions.

But perhaps the most surprising result is that despite injury, illness and a wreck of a training year, The Touch (867th) managed to finish in the top 900 Canada-wide in the most competitive and populous division which saw him pitted against athletes more than a decade his junior!  A fantastic showing!

Here’s our complete results:

Under 35 Final Rank in Canada
The Touch 867
Boomer 3580
MakMama 3826
Sprite 4791
HHH 241
Crusher 648
Hard Rock 41
WODFather 54
Silk 126
Super Mario 185
Shine 246
Dauntless 249
G-Money 257
Sandman 305
Smash 334
DT 339
Electric 465
PomPom 482
Motor 29
HeeHee 61
CPA 70
The Heat 90
Doc Disc 2055 (US)
Mufasa 119
Road Warrior 121
D-Knee 37

Empower ranked 309th in Canada on the affiliate leaderboard.  Not bad when you consider 22 of our 26 competitors are Masters athletes!  Congratulations team!

Our Intramural teams really brought the energy this year.  The scores have been tabulated and the winning team determined.  The plaque and medals will be presented to the deserving members of the winning team at our annual 12-Days of X-mas event Saturday December 14th.  Please mark the date in your calendar!

More importantly, our Spirit of the Open award for the 2019 AND 2020 CrossFit Open competitions will be presented at the 12-Days of Christmas.  These are the individuals voted by you as being responsible for making the Open fun and memorable for you whether by their support, positive energy, enthusiasm or inspiring performances (or often all of the above).  Past winners include Dangers, Steel, Motor, PomPom, HHH and Silk.

Here’s the list of your worthy nominees for the award this year and the reasons you nominated them:

Name Reason
Fierce Empowering all women in all ages.  Inspiring!
DT Amazing in her 1st Open.  Great costumes.
Always dressed up with a smile & encouragement for her team.
She’s the best & kept us organized.
Captain extraordinaire.
The most amazing team leader.
Approachable, always wears a beautiful smile.
Did 20.4 in costume!
Attempted HSPU in 20.3.  A real inspiration!
CPA She is always one of the most encouraging and positive members of the community, both during the Open as well as the rest of the year.
She’s been working hard, very positive and a great team member.  She’s also so darn nice and encouraging.
The Heat  
HHH Enthusiastic, encouraging, inspiring & fun attitude
Hard Rock  
Dauntless Judging everyone, cheering everyone & working so hard!
Sprite Best participation & helpfulness
Thank you for organizing & motivating our team and being there start to finish every Saturday

I am excited as always to present this year’s winner with our Empower’s most honourable award!  Who do you think it will be?

But that is not all that we will be presenting at this year’s very special 12-Days of X-mas event.  This year we have some very special community recognitions to present that are unconnected to CrossFit competition.  It is long overdue that we acknowledged the contributions of the many Empower members who have been at the core of building the fantastic Empower community we all enjoy.  This will be an extra special, extra meaningful ceremony and we want ALL of you to be there for it!

The Open is over.  Our next community event, the biggest of the year, an Empower tradition since 2009, will be the 12-Days of X-mas on Saturday December 14th.  This year’s event will include a very special award ceremony!

Watch our Instagram as starting December 1st we will reveal this year’s 12-Day’s of Christmas WOD, one movement per day, advent calendar style.