This weekend our Empower members got to show off their inverted burpees.

Round 1 was tough but as people got the rhythm of the movement, round 2 began to look much more fluid.

I’m not alone in loving this movement, a few other members like Quicksilver perform the inverted burpee with grace and control.

This time CrossFit HQ challenged us to perform the inverted burpee without a wall.  I was nervous at first but found it was actually a very good way to practice my kick up to a free standing handstand and will henceforth resolve to always practice inverted burpees this way (and you know I do practice them).

Next weekend our Empower  competitors will be representing us at the CanWest Games at Percy Perry Stadium in Coquitlam.  When looking at the list of Scaled Teams and Masters athletes, I am very proud to see our small gym so strongly represented.  Many larger CrossFits were unable to qualify as many athletes as Empower.  In fact our CanWest team is 12% of our total gym membership!

We’ve worked very hard to prepare for this event.  We’ve battled through injuries, set backs, nerves and disappointments.  We’ve pushed our bodies to their limits putting in many hours of extra training above and beyond our daily WODs.  We hope that you will come out to cheer us on and enjoy the spectacle of CrossFit competition as we put our hard-earned skills on display.

Our Masters athletes, Silk, Sandman, Super Mario, WOD Father, Colossus & Motor will be competing Friday July 26th, Saturday July 27th & Sunday July 28th.  Our Teams 3 Decades (Boomer, HeeHee & Tamahock) and Barbell Ninjas (Sprite, Hard Rock & Gymkata) will be competing Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th.  Mr. Fantastic & The Nuke who both qualified for the CanWest Games but had to withdraw due to injury, will be on hand to support us in the role of Team Managers.

We will put up a ride share list for Empower members who want to come cheer on our athletes.