Everyday since the half marathon row we have had a barbell in our hands.  It’s not always heavy mind you, but it still represents an unprecedented number of consecutive days featuring external loading.

Personally, strength and power are two things I really enjoy working on and I generally prefer barbell work to cardio or pull ups but even I am beginning to feel that the barbell thing is getting a bit old.  I love overhead squats but how many reps of overhead squats have we done in the past 3 weeks?

And that doesn’t even take into account all the front squats, back squats and thrusters that have also been programmed.  Sometimes light, frequently heavy.

On the plus side I am getting stronger but I’m also nervous about over training the same movement patterns.

Fun as it is to throw the barbell around I am advocating caution as we finish up three consecutive days of barbell work.  Use appropriate loading, continue to focus on excellent mechanics and please listen to your body!

Wednesday WOD
There will be 9 lifting stations available for barbell front squats on Wednesday.  Though we have 3 GHD machines, we do not guarantee access to them, most group class attendees will be substituting V-sit Ups.  We will be able to accommodate up to 2 additional members if they are willing to substitute goblet squats for barbell front squats.  Members of the same household may share a station if it makes sense to do so but it is not required.

Equipment: Kettlebell, barbell

Warm Up
30 sec Goblet Squats
30 sec Centre Plank
30 sec Goblet Squat Hold
30 sec Left Side Plank
30 Sec Goblet Squats
30 sec Right Side Plank
30 sec Goblet squat Hold

Warm up to workout weight

Front Squat @approx 70% 1 rpm
GHD/V-Sit Ups

Cool Down
Dragon Pose
Pigeon Pose
Quad Stretch
Cobra Pose