Summer months are typically a bit slower and it has afforded our team the opportunity to tackle some overdue projects.  One of our priorities is reorganizing the gym to optimize available space.  A few weeks ago The Truth took a couple hours out of his day to re-hang the cargo netting.  This week the Touch and I cleaned out the accumulated debris in our electrical room to great effect.

Before the end of summer we hope to do some minor renos to our shelving so as to create some space for new toys.  Dangers has already helped us source our newest C2 Rower.  Another member has generously offered to buy the gym s ski erg.  But it seems unfair for one person to foot the bill for equipment we will all enjoy using.  Motor reminded me that she still manages the membership’s equipment fund and that our membership might pool together resources to help finance some new additions.

We can also contribute to the fund by selling off some of our older equipment that is less-used, takes up too much space or requires upgrading.  We’d like to offer these up to members first.  Here’s what we are looking to sell:

Gymnastics rings.  We have 3 boxes, brand new, unopened and unused.  $60 per set.
Portable Lifting platform (Super Mario called dibs) estimated value $140
Monster Tire $200
25lb green & 45lb blue competition Bumper plates $2/lb
Rubberized change plates: 2.5lb = $1 each, 5lb = $2.50 each, 10lb = $5 each
Hex bar (Shades has dibs) $100

And for the collectors, Dunbar gym memorabilia:
Wall ball targets including aluminum frame, to the highest bidder
Stainless steel pull up bar brackets with the CrossFit Empower logo machined in, to the highest bidder

How about new equipment?  What’s on our wish list?  We may not be able to get it all but here are some of the toys we’re looking to acquire for members:

1) Ski Erg
The past two years this piece of equipment made by Concept 2 (same company that makes our rowers) has been programmed both at the CrossFit Games and the CanWest Games.  Our competitors have been clamouring for one to help prep for competition and because they are fun to play with.  Though they’re unlikely to show up in regular WOD programming the Ski Erg does offer a cardio alternative option to athletes with lower body injuries who are unable to run or cycle.

2) Rogue Change Plates
Our old rubberized change plates are pretty beaten up, we’re missing a few and thick as they are, they take up too much space on the barbell and in the racks.  With a thinner profile, Rogue’s sturdier, colour coded change plates are easier to store and easier to add to loaded barbells and will withstand more abuse.

3) Rogue Adjustable Dumbbells with Bumper Plates
There is the pretty serious cool-factor of using dumbbells with bumper plates but that alone doesn’t justify the price of these handles.  Our hex dumbbells only go up to 80lbs currently.  The cost in dollars and space required of buying 65lb, 75lb, 85lb and 90lb hex dumbbells is prohibitive, yet many of our stronger athletes need these denominations in order to progress in movements like DB Snatches and DB Rows.  The adjustable dumbbell handles can be used with bumper plates and the Rogue change plates above.  One pair of these will go a long way to addressing our need for differing loading options without taking up too much storage space.

4) Eleiko Open Trap Bar
This is to replace our hex bar.  Like the hex bar it is great for deadlifts and farmers carries but because of its’ open design, it is a much more versatile tool.  You can use this bar for farmer’s lunges and because it is rackable, it can be used for neutral grip bench and shoulder presses, safer pressing options for members with shoulder injuries.  The tubular design also allows for a cambered bar back squat, a back squat option safer for members with low back issues.  It’s rare to find a bar with this much versatility and Eleiko is the top quality brand name for bars.  Also it has a cool kickstand feature making loading and unloading the bar easy.

5) Rogue War Bars
Whether it’s used by an Olympic weight lifter perfecting her form or a beginner learning the basics, an effective technique bar is one that best simulates the real weight training experience. That’s why the Rogue War Bar is manufactured specifically with the same 28MM outer diameter and correct Olympic knurl marks as our competition bars. Cleaner looking and similar in price to the PVC pipes currently sitting in our gym, the 60″ War Bar is a durable technique training tool that can double as a starter bar for kids and beginners or as a rehab bar for athletes recovering from injury.

6) Non-Slip Fabric Resistance Bands
Our pull up bands are getting old and I hate how they peel.  Bells of Steel has developed a new grippier, more durable, non-peeling band and the reviews on this product are great.

We’re excited to reformat our training space to accommodate some new equipment and to create  better access to some of our current equipment.  Please let us know if you have any ideas or suggestions.  Please contact Motor if you have any questions about contributing to our equipment fund.  And contact [email protected] if you would like to purchase any of our equipment listed above.