The 8am class was lightly attended but we enjoyed a much better turn out at 10am.  Most chose to run and why not?  It was a lovely spring day, perfect for getting outside!   Menace & Fierce did not join group classes but did wave to us from the start/finish line as they ran the Empower route from our door up to Blanca.  We collected great trivia questions from classes for tonight’s Trivia Night.  I’ll share some sample questions at the end of the blog.

COVID got you down?  Don’t be dominated by Coronavirus.  Tim Anderson of Original Strength has not only been providing us with some great warm up ideas for classes but has also been teaching about the importance of establishing your dominance in order to survive to survive times of  crisis.

Bang!  Dominate like a boss.  Make this pandemic your b*tch.  But, it’s not enough, Tim suggests, merely to establish dominance, you must celebrate it!  Don’t just plant your flag of domination, dance around it calling out war cries until you frighten off both your neighbours and any nasty viruses that might have harboured notions of threatening you.  Let them know you are no wilting lily ripe for the plucking.  DOMINATE!

I hope that Sunday’s class turns out in droves to demonstrate their dominance over the Easter weekend and this fun little AMRAP triplet!

Warm up
3 rnds 
1 min skipping or penguin claps
1 min plank (R,M,L)
1 min (High knees, butt kicks, frog jumps)
1 min scales

Set up pull up station
Test jumping lunges
Last min skipping prep

5 min Amrap
30 DU
20 jumping lunges
10 pull ups

5 min rest

5 min Amrap
30 DU
20 jumping lunges
10 pull ups

Scaling options:
Du: penguin jumps, half cal row or airdyne, or 15 burpees
Check video for pull up alternatives
Jumping lunges is not the best choice for those with knee issues: switch to regular alternating lunges or squats if needed

Cool down
Calf drops
Hip swings
Couch stretch
Runner stretch

Sample Trivia Night Questions:

Which Empower couple met on the #25 UBC bus?

Which Empower member has performed stand-up comedy in bars?

Which Empower member lived in Indonesia, France, England & Canada?

Which Empower rookie qualified for the 2020 Canwest Games?

Which Empower member starred in “Christmas at Pemberley” at the Arts Club Theatre the past 2 Christmas seasons?

Fight Gone Bad was designed by Coach Glassman for this UFC star.

Which Empower Member performed the national Anthem for a San Francisco Giants game in 1992?

Which Empower Member produced a movie that was featured in Marsha Lederman’s Globe and Mail article of Sept.30 2019 entitled “At VIFF, films about the bonds between parents and children loom large”.  For extra points, what was the name of that movie and where was it filmed?

Which Empower member named after a Schwarzenegger movie?

What was The Heat’s prior career before Law enforcement?

Which Empower member has 5 daughters?

 Name 5 Empower MD’s.

Which Empower member has a pilot’s license?

Which empower member was elected to the Royal Society of Canada?