On Thursday you will be taking on Hero workout Eva Strong. The intention is that you will hit this workout with a buddy. There will be some shared movements and some you will each need to perform. Have a look down below for all the detail. One thing I liked about the workout is that you will not feel stuck on any movement to long. As with all hero workouts it will be a challenging day in the office. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Thought of the day

“60% of the time it works every time. “ –Brian Fantana

For smart training we want to focus on good mechanics, consistency with in those mechanics, and then and only then increasing your relative intensity.  Intensity is the sexy bit. The Thing that you will brag to your friends about or that will leave you catching your breath on the floor.  It is also the way you make big improvements in your fitness. But if you hit a high level of intensity on a shaky foundation of movement it is a recipe for disaster.

A work around to get the best of both worlds is to hit most of your training days at about 70%. This will allow you to take time to improve your mechanics and you won’t leave every session crushed.  Not being crushed is what will allow you to be consistent and keep progressing.  Progressions will come in both movement capacity and relative intensity.

For My training I probably hit above the 70% about once a week to once every two weeks. In the beginning, most crossfitters try and red line every workout, but At Empower our primary focus is to make you healthy and capable for life. Our goal is to make sure you are able to enjoy all activates outside of the gym for as long as possible, while being as fit as possible. Red lining every workout goes against this idea.

How will we help you create a sustaining fitness practice that will keep you on track? By balancing the dichotomy of training hard and training smart.





Warm up

2 rnds


Bar hang and leg raise


Clean drops





Find clean and jerk weight


Wod : Eva Strong (in pairs)

5 rnds

24 DU (each)

19 T2B (total)

2 Clean and Jerks 135/205# (total)

400 m Run (Together)


Cool down

  • Leon