Hero WOD Hortman

AMRAP (as many rounds/reps as possible) in 45 minute
800m Run
80 Squats
8 Muscle Ups

If you are just beginning your fitness journey, you may want to scale this WOD to 25 minutes your first time.
If running isn’t an option for you, you can row or cycle instead.

If you are new to CrossFit instead of muscle ups you can do 8 pull ups & 8 ring dips

Or 8 Ring Rows & 8 Push Ups


The CrossFit Hero WODs are programmed to celebrate those who gave their lives in service but I would like to use this space today to celebrate the everyday heroes who come through the doors of CrossFit Empower everyday.  These are the people who inspire me with their dedication to health & fitness.

Thanks for your courage and commitment!

5:30am.  Ouch!  So many people tell me that they just don’t have time to exercise.  What do you think they are doing at 5:30am?  Probably sleeping.  But Brawn & Crusher have made fitness a priority and here they are getting it done in the early morning hours while the rest of Vancouver sleeps.
Minion.  This girl is on fire.  Her first rope climb WOD and she went right at it!  Determined.  Driven.  Exciting!
What a dynamo!  Since coming to group classes Motor has demonstrated a consistency matched by few and contributed so much of her cheerful energy to our community!
A woman with a plan.  Codex plunged right into the 21-Day Real Food Challenge and reaped amazing results!  Codex knows how to create a plan and really stick to it!
Scrambling up a rope like a monkey.  G-Money made the rope climbs look effortless!  One of our 6:30am anchors, everyone who is anyone on Dunbar Street know G-Money:)
FeProf was skeptical about the whole CrossFit thing but no matter the WOD she shows up with the biggest grin on her face.  Rope Climbs?  There she is grinning, skeptical but ready to take it on.  Love that courage!
Gung ho from the get go Super Mario comes ready for anything.  I’ve never seen him back down from a CrossFit challenge.  No matter how tough the WOD Super Mario will be there to struggle through it.  That grit will get him far!
Imagine you don’t speak the language, you are 30+ years older than the rest of your classmates and you have never been involved in athletics before CrossFit.  What do you do?  Younger, fitter folks run and hide but Go hops the bus from her condo down in English Bay and makes the commute to Dunbar to show folks that everyone can do this once they get over their fears!  What an amazing example of showing up and getting it done!
The Calm is a gamer!  She always comes ready to play.  Whatever is on the menu, she looks thrilled to try it out.
PomPom has been on a tear this week with personal bests in double unders, ring dips, pull ups and rope climbs!  Is it possible to just get awesome at everything all at once?  Way to go after it PomPom if there was an athlete of teh week award it would be yours this week without a doubt!
Tuesday Benevolent finished his 35th grueling radiation treatment.  Wednesday he was in the gym WODing with the rest of us.  If that is not courage I do not know what is!
After a long maternity leave Boomer is back in action.  Childbirth is tough enough.  Getting right back into the gym to reclaim your pre-baby body is a big undertaking.  Great to have you back Boomer!
Go Iceland!  Yes, the Icelanders were dominant at the 2015 CrossFit Games and watching athletes like The Viking gives you an idea why.
Suave of Team Savage continues to uphold the Savage standard of consistency.  This group of guys have taken to group classes like fish to water, not since Team Elite Soccer Mom have we seen a group as dedicated as this and if you see how the Soccer Mom’s turned out you have to believe the Savages will soon be – well – savage!
18 and going strong!  It isn’t easy being an older athlete but it isn’t easy being one of the youngest either!  But Sprite has shown no hesitation since graduating to group classes over a year ago with classmate The Viking.  That’s right, she was only 17 when she came to classes.  How many teenagers do you know with that level of dedication and commitment?  How many adults? Sprite, you are awesome!
Smash is a crazy fun guy to have around.  Great energy, great sense of humour and did you see him kill last week’s running WOD?  Thanks for your awesome energy!!!
HHH the 3rd member of legendary Team Elite Soccer Mom HHH isn’t just a great athlete but also a great deal of fun.  Everything said about Smash above applies to HHH as well.  What a perfect pair:)
Founding member and living legend Adventure has set the standard for so many things.  Tough mentally & physically nothing seems to slow her down.  The word slow isn’t even in her vocabulary.  She puts athletes half her age to shame with her feats of strength and she serves as an inspiring example of what is possible when one commits to life long fitness!  Adventure, you rock!
Thanks everyone for making my day every day!  You are an inspiring crowd.  I appreciate all the energy you bring into our box each day!  Keep being awesome:)