In CrossFit our focus is functional movement patterns, moving our bodies through a natural, multi-joint, multi-muscle group range of motion.  Functional movements are movements that life requires you to perform daily whether you train them or not.  Every time you sit down you are squatting.  Every time you lift something off the ground you are deadlifting: baby, garbage bag, groceries, barbell, it is all a deadlift.
Done too quickly with too much load and incorrect movement mechanics any of these movements can hurt you.  Our focus is on teaching you how to move correctly.  And when you are moving correctly every movement becomes a rehab movement retraining your body to activate joints and muscle in the proper sequence, developing postural strength and stability through a complete range of motion, balancing muscular effort to counteract physiological asymmetries.  As your skeletal muscles get stronger they help correctly align your skeleton and stabilize your joints.
These types of physiological change require sufficient volume and loading.  Too light or too little will not get you the positive changes you are looking for. This is where conventional fitness trainers have failed to deliver in the promise of fitness opening the door for more effective programs like CrossFit to take over the fitness market.  It is not about toning, it is not about bulging biceps, it is about functionally fit, active bodies!
To get there you should be conscious of proper movement form every rep of every WOD.  Your mindset should be rebuilding and strengthening your body.  Done correctly at appropriate load and controlled tempo every movement becomes a rehab exercise.
Excellence in execution.  At CrossFit Empower on Dunbar Street in Vancouver that is always our goal.