crossfit every rep
At CrossFit we are all about counting reps.  Keeping track of scores.  Because if you can’t measure it, it can’t be evaluated.  But quantity isn’t the only criteria.  Quality is every bit as important.  So are you counting reps or good reps?

Are you satisfied if 80 out of 100 push ups are performed to exacting standards?  80% isn’t bad, right?  But if you have 20 sloppy reps you have only done 80% of the work.  Those 20 that you didn’t complete didn’t make you any fitter or any better.  So why even do them?  If fitness is your goal then EVERY rep matters!

You could train anywhere in Vancouver but you came to CrossFit Empower on Dunbar Street to get fitter so don’t rob yourself of fitness by getting sloppy on your reps.

It only takes one bad rep to get injured.  Why would you risk it?

You know the old saying: the devil’s in the details.  Better believe that is true!

Where else are you sloppy in your life?  A cookie here, a chocolate bar there.  I’m not saying you should never indulge yourself but if you do don’t let it be out of sloppiness.  Eat with intention not with your whims.  Set a specific time and place.

How about your speech?  Some idle gossip here and there.  Some unintentionally hurtful words.  We are all guilty of this from time to time.

Careless spending?

Sloppiness shows up.  And how we are in life shows up in how we train. Learn to be more exacting in your training and perhaps you can become more exacting in other areas of your life.

Want to get fitter?  Want to be a better athlete?  Want to be better in life?  Stop focusing on the clock and start paying attention to details!