On Thursday you get to do everyone’s favourite movement. That movement, for all of you left in suspense, is the burpee. While truthfully I think only small children, people weighing less than a hundred pounds, Dexter, or those with a screw or two loss enjoy the burpee it is a very effective movement.

As a human you need to be able to get down to the ground and back up again. This movement allows you to do both of those things very quickly. Perfecting this can also help you on the field of play. For any time you get tripped up, a burpee will help you get back to your feet and into the game again. In order to keep things fun we will run the workout in heats and have another member cheer you on through your workout tomorrow; more information to come in the thought of the day.

Thought of the day

Tomorrow you will be taking on the third workout of the last chance qualifier. For the semi final athletes the workout had a seven minute time cap for you all tomorrow it will be bumped up to a ten minute time cap. I hope you all appreciate our generosity.



Have you ever had a moment in a workout were you mentally checked out and wanted to give up? I think we have all been there at least once. By running tomorrow’s workout in heats we will be able to use one of our training partners as an accountability buddy. They will keep track of your burpees and make sure you stick to your plan. There will be time between heats for partner one and two to switch and talk strategy. As someone who did this one allow, with a mask on, you are welcome for the little extra push and fun.



Zoomers no need to worry, we will pair you up together or with someone in the gym you can see. We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow for everyone’s favourite movement.



QOD: What is your plan for today?

Warm up

2 rnds (1 min)

Body rocks (os push up/ full body rock)

L Raises



Pvc TGU (L/R)



Measure 12” above reach

Wod  two heats

100 Burpees touching a target 12” above your reach

(10 minute time cap)

Cool down

Belly breathing

Egg rolls

Pull overs

Wrist stretches

Child pose

  • Leon