Asymmetric loading, mobility and stability were the emphasis with Monday’s CrossFit WOD featuring the dreaded dumbbell overhead squat.
CrossFit_Empower_Dangers CrossFit_Empower_DB_OHS CrossFit_Empower_DB_OHS2
The weights were not heavy enough to call this high intensity but it was plenty
CrossFit_Empower_DB_OHS4 CrossFit_Empower_DB_OHS5 (1) CrossFit_Empower_DB_OHS5 (2)
difficult as it exposed strength and mobility imbalances that are concealed by compensatory movement patterns when working with barbells.
CrossFit_Empower_DB_OHS5 (3)CrossFit_Empower_DB_OHS5 (4)CrossFit_Empower_DB_OHS5 (5)
Restoring muscular balance and correct movement patterns will help us prevent injury when we get to heavier loads and training intensities.
CrossFit_Empower_DB_OHS6 CrossFit_Empower_DunbarCrossFit_Empower_Dunbar_Fitness
But it wasn’t only the dumbbell challenging us today.  The 2nd movement was a high level gymnastics skill: the bar muscle up!  So what do you do if you haven’t got a bar muscle up?  Not to worry because we here on Dunbar Street consider ourselves Vancouver’s foremost experts in adapting CrossFit HQ programming to all levels!
Super Mario, Sandman & Yeti all did a band-assisted bar muscle up while Magnum practiced his ring muscle ups.
Others practiced pull ups and ring dips.
CrossFit_Empower_Pull_Ups CrossFit_Empower_Pull_Ups2CrossFit_Empower_Ring_Dips2
No pull ups?  No problem!  Band assisted pull ups and ring dips are also an option.
CrossFit_Empower_Ring_Dip5 CrossFit_Empower_Ring_Dips3 CrossFit_Empower_Ring_Dips4
We can even substitute ring rows and push ups where needed.

Want help adapting CrossFit to suit your ability level?  Come in and see us